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A new year - make the changes you want, now.

By Gunraj Arora

FRI JAN 01, 2021

Happy new year all. Heartfelt great wishes for the year ahead.

Traditionally this is a the day when a new year resolution is set and then quickly lost after a few weeks.

Make the changes you want in your life, now. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Understand your mind. No change in life can be made without first becoming aware of what is happening in the mind, causing those choices to happen. Meditation has been proven as one of the most effective means to create this awareness. I have meditations on my website that you can try, for free.
  2. Shift your physiological state. Simple and effective changes in your physical state, can be extremely effective. Here are some tips for a couple of common states: (a) Anxious? Typically breathing becomes shallow. Breathe deeply and fully; count 4 on in breadth and 6 on out breadth. (a) Depressed? Go in front of the mirror and smile as fully as you can muster!
  3. Change habits not serving your best interests. Write down those activities you typically do day to day into 3 categories: 1. Those that are neutral in energy (e.g brushing your teeth). 2. Those that give you energy (e.g going for a walk or speaking with friends); and 3. Those that reduce your energy (e.g social media scrolling). You can then start making more of the choices that energise.
  4. Relationships you want. The quality of life is determined by the quality of the relationship towards yourself and others. Intentionally cultivate kindness through the lovingkindness meditation on the website. Appreciate the natural qualities in self and others by writing a daily gratitude list (as little as 3 things) of those actions taken which are appreciated.

Want to delve more deeply on the above? Check out the website (services) for an exciting new 4 week online course.