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The quality of your life can be defined by the quality of your....

By Gunraj Arora

SUN JUL 18, 2021


One of my favourite personal development coaches Tony Robbins is quoted as stating that the quality of our lives is governed by quality of our relationships.

In this newsletter I want to start with the most important relationship of all; the relationship to yourself! Here are some tips to get you started:

Your mind. What do you feed your mind with? The bad will always be available, so how do you help rebalance the state of your mind? How about giving your mind some time to rest and recover? Starting a gratitude journal?

Your body. This instrument does so much work, every minute of every day. How do you care for it? What are the quality of foods you use to fuel it? How does your body like to move? If there are restrictions in the way your body moves, do you honour and adjust?

Your spirit. What helps you connect with the energy source within? For some it could be religion, art or being in nature. Whatever it is, give your spirit the chance to soar.

Your emotions. Emotions Are a wonderful source of learning and growth. Do you relate to your emotional life with kindness and ease? If so, you will find some hidden gems to learn from.

If you would like to explore the above in further detail, please contact me on either: (a) phone: 07941653771; or (b) email: founder@singhoftheheart.com.